Vocalist. Songwriter. Performer.Houston native Shaleyah is a recording artist who elegantly brings something fresh and relatable to every performance. Her unique vocal approach and stunning stage presence have placed her in front of R&B, Pop, Jazz, and Gospel audiences nationally and internationally.


After listening to Shadow, I literally have goosebumps and it resonated HARD! Those lyrics are DEEP!

- Asiatu Lawoyin

I can definitely relate to Play Dead! Lyrics hit home! Trap Lady is a funky joint!! My fave though is Shadow! I closed my eyes and that one took me on a journey! Great job overall!

- Sean Michael Ray

I like Shadow and Too Much! I can’t pick between those two! I also enjoy the way you’re attacking those vocally.

- Kevin Tajzea Hobbs

“Play Dead” is a PHENOMENAL song and the rhythm fits my style of listening! That line about being ghosted and now you’re dead after leaving on “Read” is powerful. I love the overall vibe of the song! Continue being great!

- Lyndi Quiñones